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Rick Murray, Jukebox Repairman, Music Enthusiast and Master Troubleshooter

During the late 1960’s my family owned and operated a Truck Stop Diner that featured a Seeburg Jukebox, (with a wallbox in each booth), and a pinball machine. As a young boy, whenever the technician would come to empty the coin boxes or perform a scheduled repair, I was entranced, and would stick my head inside the machine and ask the repair man a million questions.

That technology fascinated me. My love for Jukeboxes and passion for music never faded. 

Later in life, I purchased a Jukebox and pinball machines for our home basement game room. I soon learned how to maintain, repair, and restore period coin op machines - not just my own, but for other owners I met. It became my hobby, and over time I started to specialize in 1950's era Jukeboxes. 

My fascination with troubleshooting and diagnosing challenges, along with my love of music and entertainment, and enjoyment of meeting people with similar nostalgic tastes,

helped me decide to turn this hobby of mine into a business.

I provide in-home repairs throughout most areas of Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont,

New Hampshire, Eastern New York and Rhode Island.

More extensive service, time-consuming electrical work

and complete restorations are better performed at my shop. 

I strive to resolve the problem in one visit, but based on the issue and the age of the machine,

further visits or more advanced repair work may be needed.  

I look forward to hearing about your Jukebox memories and your goals for your own machine. 

Please contact me so we can discuss next steps. 




Juke is responsible for meeting and greeting customers who visit the shop, giving new and old equipment the sniff-test, and occasionally being Rick's co-pilot for service calls.  His favorite Jukebox songs are  Ain't Nothing But a Hound Dog and Who Let the Dogs Out.