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Testimonial: Testimonials


Bringing their memories to life.


My jukebox had been out of service for some time and required more than could be done on-site. Rick took my Wurlitzer 1015 to his workshop and when he brought it back it worked just the way I had remembered it. It plays great again. 

Nile Rodgers, Guitarist and Pop Producer


I own a 1958 Seeburg 222 Jukebox that was in need of repair for many years. Rick brought the machine back to life! He was able to diagnose and repair its many problems. He also restored the appearance of the machine so that it sparkles just like it did when it was new. Throughout the repair and restoration process, Rick did a good job of keeping me posted on his progress. It was clear that he was handling my Jukebox as if it was his own. I am pleased to recommend Rick without reservation. 

Greg (Old Saybrook, CT)


When I recently moved to a new home I took ownership of a 1963 Seeburg Console Jukebox. After paying a nominal amount for it, I was disappointed to find out that it did not operate properly. I found Rick online and sent him an email through his website. He called me back the same day and we discussed the type of Jukebox and the problems I had with it.  Just by talking on the phone he knew what model I had and what probably needed to be done. Rick was able to come to my house to repair it within a few days. Of course as we repaired the original problem, like any old electronic equipment, we uncovered a few more problems and Rick was able to solve those as well and it is now operating great! He even helped instruct a novice like me how to purchase new records and new title strips to make my jukebox sound and look like new. I was on my way to making my new basement a great playroom. After the great experience I had with the Jukebox, I decided to buy a pinball machine from Rick. Like the Jukebox, Rick made sure that everything with the pinball machine was working properly and we are now enjoying that too. Above all though Rick has a passion for his customers to enjoy the fun of a Jukebox or pinball machine and it shows in the pride he takes in his work. Thanks Rick!!

Angelo (Winchester MA)

Testimonial: Testimonials

I own a Rockola 480 Jukebox that I was having a problem with. The retrieval arm wouldn't pick the 45 off the turntable after the song finished. I had two other repairmen, or so they said, try to fix it but neither one did. Needless to say I spent a small fortune and still nothing. Then I got an email from Rick, a god send, who saw my ad for a repairman and came down on a Sunday and within about an hour had the problem fixed. If anyone out there needs a Jukebox repairman I highly recommend Rick. I also have to say he is the most reasonably priced repairman I know and very considerate and thoughtful. I know for a fact that I will be calling him in the future for any and all Jukebox repairs I need done. 

Diane L. (Chicopee, MA)


I am the owner of a 1966 Rockola Jukebox that contains some of our favorite music from the 50's and 60's. When it suddenly stopped working, I had no idea where or who to turn to. I think it sat for approximately a year till I found Rick Murray online. I cannot say enough about Rick's diligence, timeliness, and desire to solve every piece of the puzzle and bring my Jukebox back to sounding like it must have in the 60's. From obtaining manuals, to seeking outside advice, Rick did not rest until all was well, and was as excited as I was when I dropped a quarter in it and heard a great Oldie. I would not hesitate to recommend Rick! 

Marilyn (East Longmeadow, MA)


I recently took delivery of a fully restored 1953 Seeburg Model HF-100G Jukebox. From the time I first met Rick, I knew that he had both an in depth knowledge of and, most importantly, a passion for vintage Jukeboxes. He not only helped me in selecting the ideal Jukebox to restore (and replace my 1970's Rockola), but he also provided me visual examples of prior restorations that demonstrated his commitment to quality craftsmanship commitments. His attention to detail was evident in the standard he set for each of the steps in bringing this Seeburg 'back to life' as if he were keeping it. The looks on my family's faces when they saw the final product was priceless. I am sure that we will have many years of enjoyment with this fine testament to Rick's hard work and dedication and wholeheartedly give my endorsement to anyone considering him for a restoration. 
During the process, Rick kept me informed via email with photos and narrative of his work and he made good on his time. 

Andy R.  (New Canaan, CT)

Testimonial: Testimonials
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