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Check out some examples of our work, from simple service calls to full-scale restorations.

Portfolio: Portfolio


Full Restoration

This machine laid on its back for 20 years in a shed. There was a lot of mouse destruction!  Both the interior and exterior of this poor baby were a mess. This project required a complete gutting of the cabinet and full mechanical, electrical and cosmetic restoration.


Full Restoration -- Our own personal memory maker!

This one was originally found in a barn, and was in very rough shape. Its plastics were melted, and mice had chewed the wiring inside the cabinet. There was veneer peeling due to water damage. Rick could still see the beauty within, and brought it home to his workshop.  After six months of working on this vintage machine nights and weekends, it emerged a true and rare beauty. Our son grew up dancing to the music it played.

1958 SEEBURG 220

Repair and Resell

This Jukebox needed a bit of TLC to become attractive to potential new owners. We repaired the mechanics, including a frozen mechanism, rebuilt the amp with new caps and resistors, and performed minor cosmetic updates, including glass and paint.  It now has a happy home and rockin' owner.

Got a Jukebox that needs a little TLC to become the Beauty it is meant to be?  Contact us for a consultation.

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